Table of Contents

1 Debian 8 Jessie

1.1 mpv with smb support

Debian 8 doesn't provide mpv package compiled with SMB support (actual as of [2017-01-15 nie]).
To build your own version of the package you will have to install build-essentials, devscripts, quilt (patch tool), as well as download the source package of mpv:

$ apt-get source mpv
# apt-get install build-essentials devscripts quilt

Change directory to the downloaded mpv-* directory. Download the patch from here and apply it using quilt:

$ quilt push -a
$ quilt import /path/to/50_smb-patch.patch
$ quilt refresh
$ quilt pop -a

Remember to include your change with in the package changelog:

$ dch -i

To compile the patched package you will need to install it's build dependencies as well as libsmbclient:

# apt-get build-dep mpv && apt-get install libsmbclient

To finalize the build:

$ debuild -uc -us

Process will generate .deb packages. Install libmpv and mpv using dpkg -i.

You can skip this entire process and download already compiled packages.

1.2 mpd: fixing the "Failed to bind to '[::]:6600': Address already in use"

Default installation of mpd on debian 8 wants to run as global service. To run mpd as user you want to disable systemd's mpd.service and mpd.socket:

# systemctl mask mpd.service mpd.socket
# systemctl stop mpd.service mpd.socket

You should be able to start mpd as user without problems.

1.3 GTK2 filepicker with ahodesuka's iconview patches

This particular guide was written with debian 8 jessie in mind. It should however work with any GNU/Linux distribution based on debian. It also assumes that you already have a barebones building environment (build-essentials, devscripts, quilt) installed. In order to get the desired icon-view in our GTK2 filepicker we'll have to patch two packages: glib2.0 and gtk+2.0. First, download the packages and install it's building dependencies.

$ apt-get source glib2.0 gtk+2.0
# apt-get build-dep glib2.0 gtk+2.0

Then go to Ahodesuka's git and download copies of glib-thumbnailer.patch and gtk2-filechooser-icon-view.patch.

Now change directory to the downloaded glib2.0 directory and add the glib-thumbnailer.patch to the stack of patches.

$ quilt push -a
$ quilt import /path/to/the/glib-thumbnailer.patch
$ quilt refresh
$ quilt pop -a

Make necessary changes to the ChangeLog

$ dch -i

And build the package

$ debuild -uc -us

After it's done repeat the process for the gtk+2.0 package. Remember that the patch is not the same!

$ quilt push -a
$ quilt import /path/to/the/gtk2-filechooser-icon-view.patch
$ quilt refresh
$ quilt pop -a


$ dch -i

And building the package.

$ debuild -uc -us

Install all newly built packages with dpkg -i command. I installed them all because otherwise dpkg/apt-get complains about broken dependencies. Relog for the changes to take place.

Compiled Debian 8 jessie packages for download.

Final notes

  • This works only with the GTK2 filepicker. In the current release of Debian (8 at the time of writing this guide) Firefox-ESR browser was compiled against GTK2. This might (and probably will) change in the future.
  • The process of viewing the thumbnails with the desired "Icon View" does not trigger the generation of said thumbnails (since gnome never considered it). This patch doesn't fix it. You still have to generate thumbnails before viewing them eg. by visiting the directory with your graphical file manager. Otherwise in place of the image thumbnail a generic "image" icon will be displayed.
  • Xfce users, Thunar (at least in debian 8) saves thumbnails to a different directory (~/.thumbnails) than what GTK2 expects (~/.cache/thumbnails). This can be easily fixed by linking one directory to another. ln -s ~/.thumbnails ~/.cache/thumbnails

2 Fedora 24

2.1 Source RPM for gtk2 and glib with ahodesuka's filepicker patches